Business cards

It’s easy to get obsessed with these little things, so little  space, so much to play around with.


Quoting from the book  ‘Business Cards 3 – Designs on saying Hello’ :

“Think of the business card as a snapshot of your ‘self ‘, and the true design potential becomes obvious. Whether working within the usual restrictions of size, format and budget, or thinking completely outside the box to create a business card from wood, metal, plastic or any other combination of unusual materials and techniques, designing a business card is about embodying an idea a personality or a concept; it’s not simply a means of purveying basic information.”

Here are some business cards  that I have designed lately.

I haven’t found a printer that makes embossing, UV varnish  or die cuts yet, if anybody knows a good one, not very expensive, please let me know.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have done few versions of business cards with the red car. The options are unlimited with time I will create more but for the time being these are the ones.

And these are the links of the day, beautiful embossed business cards.

and the most creative cards in town.

Embossed business cards

Die Cut business cards

Creative business cards


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