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Maybe is the fear for next Irish government’s budget in December aka get ready survival instinct because is going to get tough (as Cypher said to Neo in the Matrix ” Buckle your seat belt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye”) or maybe this baby has awaken the entrepreneur in me…

What was just  a few poster designs for the nursery, bit by bit is being transform into a series of objects, I’m waiting for Mr Postman to bring me the cutest mini stickers from Moo, and now a little baby-grow with one of the designs.

Not only that but….

I recently opened an online shop with children designs that I created. I don’t get the full profit, I just get a 10% royalty for the design, the printing company gets the rest but is a start.

This is the link.

Cristina’s  online shop

The prices are in dollars but they are actually very affordable:

babygrow/ bodysuit     €7.30
Kids Hoodie                €13.85
bib                               €6.55
Kids T-Shirt                €10.20
Teddy Bear                  €9.50
Mugs                         €10.95

They also have products for adults even for dogs !!!  shipping is  from €1.65 , so seems like a very good idea for an original gift.


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One thought on “Online shop

  1. Lo de los perros es lo de menos…los disenos los hice eran para baby Eoin, para su habitacion, luego pensé hacerle camisetas y estuve buscando en internet alguna pagina dinde yo pudiera subir mis disenos… y encontre CafePress, estoy contenta que se puedan crear mas productos pero no era mi gol los perros si no los bebes.

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