The making of The Rambleers album cover

Finally the Rambleers album cover is alive, from a paper sketch back in March 2010 to the real thing printed January 2011.

The music is blues/rock  so when  Steve Mc Connell showed me the sketch of what he wanted the album to be, we decided that a vintage look will suit the cover, the photographs were taken by me in Mark Reddy’s Guinea Pig Studios in Malahide where the album was recorded and mixed.

I used Photoshop to add the vintage texture of the photographs and then put everything together in InDesign. The figure logo and the Rambleers typography were trace from previous works in Illustrator.

Here are some of the pictures of the process.

And here you can listen one of m favorite songs… Ebb & Flow

There is also a video in Youtube Quicksilver Pro New York Unsound Surf Trials Hightlights where you can see  the album at the end of the video.


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