Physical vs Digital Design

Here is the latest project in class, we had to compare Physical vs Digital Design.

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The first screen is a project we did a collage with paper cut outs,  we had to scan it (big square on the left) and recreate it digitally on Photoshop, create a storyboard and an animation gif ( the rest of the squares on the right)

From collage as starting point I created the second screen, where you can se some examples of collage through the times, the one on the left,  “a trip to Chinatown ” poster from 1899 by the Beggarstaff Brothers, who were knows for their new technique COLLAGE.

The picture in the middle is a poster film ” the man with the movie camera” from 1929, where also collage was used.

The  picture on the right is a poster by Makoto Saito in 1999 which despite modern technology he also used collage.

On the third screen, I reference the “Retro Digital”, and how  specially in the 1980’s but also used nowadays, was a trend that took as a source of inspiration the Russian constructivism and the Bauhaus school.

On the left a poster from the Bauhaus 1923, in the middle a poster by Paula Scher 1979, and finally on the right album covers by Franz Ferdinand 2004-2005, they used Russian constructivism as the source for the album covers and also their videos.

Finally the fourth screen which I called pure Digital, shows works that could only be done digitally or maybe someone with infinite patience to put together something similar.

On the left film poster for requiem for a dream 2000 and New York times magazine cover by Lisa Strausfeld 2009.


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