ISTD project cancer awareness

This project was an open brief in terms of content, we were asked to create a series of typographic stamps and an editorial .




Stamp and ISTD editorial

The concept behind the stamp series is to create awareness and inform about cancer, to show an intimate take on cancer, although the message will impact, with a similar approach to the health warnings on tobacco packets, “smoking kills”.

The messages were chosen to create an impact with the viewers “1 in 3 will develop cancer” and also a caution message “ 30% of cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes, therefore the strategy of the stamps is to shock, stop and read; there is an underlyning message, if you take care of your health this might save your life, start you researching and talking about it removing the taboo associated with the illness..

Cancer is presented by statistics and facts mainly from the website

If the messages were chosen to impact the audience, the images are subtle and personal. Text projected on skin, as if they were part of an x-ray, but also those images represent the psychological scars, visualising the pain on those affected and their families.

This project was inspired by my mum’s ongoing battle with cancer.


The final pieces are a A4 booklet with information about cancer, the stamps will be place inside the booklet. In it can be found information such as what is cancer and why it develops and new therapies, to help to spread the message posters and postcards also were part of the campaign strategy.

However in the second solution, I kept the quotes and words regarding cancer, if the audience is presented with the word “metastasis” for example, they might not understand the message at first but its meaning it’s materialized when the stamp is sent through the postage system, same way as the cancer cells travel through the body, also each message is decoded in the booklet.

Magazine_stamp Magazine Magazine3



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