Editorial design – vagabonding

This is a DIT college project for A3 editorial design. based on photographs that I took on our trip around the world. c_delmoral_magazine   Vagabonding Editorial Design by Cristina del Moral The rational behind the design for the magazine was promote vagabonding as a way of travelling and to bring to light some of the photographs I took during my 20 months travelling around the world.   c_delmoral_magazine2 The brief states that the article had to be about an issue that we are passionate about, so I decided to make the article about travel, the act of travelling it self, the way to travel not to a specific destination but to any place in the world. Image   The captions of the photographs explain where the photographs were taken and  they give a brief explanation about the subject. Image I am interested in different cultures, ancient civilizations, getting to places off the beaten track, and appreciating nature and wildlife. I found the perfect opportunity to write about how we decided to quit our good jobs with good salaries and a “secure” future at the height of the Celtic Tiger and instead of buying a house, and do all the things we were “supposed” to do in our thirties, leave it all behind to explore the world and open our eyes to other cultures. c_delmoral_magazine5 I thought showing these few pictures and telling the story would ignite the curiosity in others to do something similar. And why? Maybe, with the current recession it might be a good idea for some people to leave it all and vagabond the world instead of waiting here for the perfect job or things to improve financially. Image I started to write the text because I wanted to reflect  on personal experience, but then I decided to extract some texts from a book that I read before we started our journey, and I decided to give the article the same name: “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts c_delmoral_magazine7   In the beginning, National Geographic was my source of inspiration, but when researching I found its layout to be dated and very busy with not enough white space for the text or pictures. Later I found the magazine Art Forum the best example of a suitable layout with its use of white space and photographic juxtaposition. The primary focus of my design is on the photographs, full bleed double spread photographs, and on some pages I used juxtaposition of images. c_delmoral_magazine8 The typeface I used is Helvetica light for the body text in 9pt/11pt leading in black tint 90%. The captions in Helvetica light 7pt/ 10pt leading, both aligned to the baseline. The layout is a 6 column by 8 row grid. The text it set in 2 columns, 5 by 4 grid, I wanted to use a wide white space for the text to breathe and give more predominance to the photographs. c_delmoral_magazine9


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