in(soul) Wearable technology Quantify self .

Visual Communication 3, Sem 2  May 2014 
This is a collaboration project by David Meaney and  Cristina del Moral.
Digital Media, Visual Communications, Dublin Institute of Technology, Quantify self, Wearable technology.
That we presented in Imagination creative agency headquarters in London brief : We were asked to create and design, a wearable technology product that would quantify our everyday lives and gather data, and use that data to help us to improve our everyday lives.insoul_cris_designdoc-spread3You can access the pdf with the interface in this link Interface on Phone _ in(soul)

We were also asked to design the interface where that data will be going to be displayed and design its visual identity and promotional and informative video of how the product works and what is the user experience.


We designed an intelligent insole that measures personal data such as activity/inactivity, happiness, body’s hydration, also connects to other users via Bluetooth and the data is interchanged and shared.


We called it in(soul) to emphasized the holistic approach of the object. And the branding is minimalistic with subtle colors.





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