IMRAM 2013 billboard

This was a live DIT Visual Communication college project for IMRAM.

IMRAM – Irish Language Literature Festival

“The word IMRAM can mean a ‘voyage of discovery’ and the festival takes its audiences on a magical journey that reveals the depth and diversity of modern literature in Irish, through eclectic and imaginative event programming that fuses poetry, prose and music in lively venues. “


For the brief we were asked to interpret a poem typographically.

Trí rud nach cóir a bhriseadh:
líon damháin alla,
geis laoich,
gealltanas do pháiste.

Three things you shouldn’t break:
a spider’s web;
a hero’s ban;
a promise to a child.


I chose the poem by Philip Cummings

Born in Belfast in 1964. His first poetry collection Néalta (Coiscéim, 2005) won the Irish Language prize in the Glen Dimplex New Writers Awards 2006 and was shortlisted for the Rupert and Eithne Strong Award 2006.

Dar Liom (Coiscéim, 2008) is a selection of his columns from the newspaper Lá Nua, where he was the Arts Editor from 2003 until 2008.

Other publications, as editor, are Ár Nuachtán Laethúil (Coiscéím, 2004), Lón Léitheoireachta 1 (Coiscéim, 2005) and Lón Léitheoireachta 2 (Coiscéim, 2008).



The solution for the design was to use magnetic letters in a metalic surface,using a playful layout in order to give the poem more context.

The text has a handmade feel, the use of everyday object, a child’s toy as he was the one is asking not to break the promise to adults. Given the message a context using that specific type,the arrangements of the letters is playful but at the same time random.

In terms of readibility is still can be read but only those that can understand the Irish language, for the rest is just a bunch of letters on  a fridge for example, and only reading the informative text can one understand the message as a whole.


The concept behind the billboard was to try to trasform the message into a two way conversation, it has to be striking enough to capture the viewers attention and ‘sell” the idea, rather than a product, In the time frame of a passing glance.

to make the viewer to stop and read the informative text. To create a visual stop leaving the viewer with a though of ponder.



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