Candem is its people. Digital media, DIT Visual Communication year 3.

“Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends.
It’s the longest lasting
legacy you will leave to your heirs”

The Brief

The idea for this project was to create an installation named Candem is its people, Legacy.

The old and the new, using a timeline to display photographs and stories, we wanted to create an archive where people can not only visit the space but make them participate with interactive screens, projections, leaving the mark by adding their stories and photos.

The philosophy of the project was that “nothing was impossible”,  like interactive screens were you become part of those stories by touching the screen and the text transfers to the hand. The Science Gallery “Delicate Boundaries” interactive screen installation was starting point in terms of technology that could be used.

And in terms of context, our inspiration was Facebook group Dublin down the memory lane, where people uploaded pictures of Dublin before 1990 and Humans of New York, photographs and short stories mostly one liners about New Yorkers. We though this could summarize what we wanted our project “Camden is its people”, Legacy to be about.

The building that we used is an abandoned building in front of the Bleeding Horse. We studied the area, we took a series of photographs. Wexford st is a very busy street, so this location unites both parts of Camden, from here to the Bernard Shaw there is practically no shops or bars, so by opening this building we want to bring this part of Camden st to live. The idea is to create a memorable experience where people can comeback.

In this pdf file you can find the presentation2, from the research, to the signage of the exhibition space, magazine spread, visual identity, interactive screens.

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We started gathering examples of signage for the street, Camden st has the issue of the lack of pedestrian space, so we though signage could be place on the pavement. Placing around the area, people will follow the directions until they get to the Exhibition space. Also we were interested in apps where you can access information on real time, in terms of
public transport or cultural events.. etc
Interactive screens from the Science Gallery in Dublin, the screen react with the touch of the screen and the connect in this case digital bugs transfer to your hand.We were looking at different types of Visual  identity were we could use the old and the new concept. And finally we were looking at different ways to display an archive of photographs and text in an exhibition space.

Magazine spread

Using the elements for the interactive screen and posters, and also using the typographic element for the floor, we design a magazine or brochure spread. Printed in A4 and A5. Cross media element that can be used digitally and printed as a memento of the exhibition, it could be published every few months updating the stories and photographs.


Exhibition walk-through video storyboard 

 The concept behind exhibition was to create an archive of people and their stories, using the old and new; photographs, interactive screens and signage the purpose is that the stories become part of you.  The video was to show the journey through the exhibition.  Using Illustrations to keep a minimalist approach and the same visual identity elements as the rest of the project. This video can be displayed in the exhibition center and also as part of the promotional piece in interactive bus stops.






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